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Pregnancy Reflexology


Pregnancy reflexology is a relaxing foot massage that provides relief from pregnancy complaints such as nausea, heartburn or back pain. This massage can also be used when turning a breech presentation or to induce labour. The massage is safe, gentle and relaxing. It ensures that your pregnant body works optimally and that you can enjoy this special time as much as possible.

Also helps with nausea

Refelxologie bij zwangerschap

Pregnancy reflexology is a specialization of foot reflexology. Foot reflexology focuses on massaging pressure points on your feet, the so-called reflex zones. All those reflex zones are connected to the rest of your body. For example, on your foot there is a reflex area for your back, your stomach, your bladder and so on. Intensive massage of those areas ensures recovery and balance in your body. Some examples where pregnancy reflexology is applied:

  • nausea

  • backache

  • fatigue

  • gastric acid

  • mood swings

  • (recurrent) cystitis

  • problems with bowel movements

  • fluid retention (oedema)


In addition, treatment is possible for breech and transverse presentation, and treatment to induce labor when you are due.

Breech and transverse position

Voetreflex verhelpt stuit- en dwarsligging

Babies move regularly in the amniotic fluid and often change position. Around 36 weeks, most babies are in the cephalic position and another 3-4% in the breech position. If your baby is in a breech or transverse position, you can try to turn the baby with the help of reflexology. It is a gentle treatment on the feet.

What can you expect from a treatment?
This specific reflexology treatment focuses in particular on the foot zones associated with the abdomen and the baby. The baby is stimulated to move a lot and eventually, invited to turn on its own. About 50 to 60% of breech and transverse presentations turn due to this treatment within 48 hours.


It is best to start this specific foot massage in the 34th week of pregnancy. It is possible until week 36/37. If the baby does not turn due to the treatment, an external version can still be performed by the gynaecologist.

Induce contractions

Weeën opwekken met reflexologie

Reflexology can be used to induce contractions when labor does not start naturally. This treatment can be used if:


  • You are overdue but the delivery is delayed

  • Your waters have broken, but the contractions do not come

  • In a miscarriage where the fetus does not release


What can you expect from a treatment?
We start with an intake interview followed by a relaxing foot massage. The most important reflex zones are stimulated and a number of acupuncture points that help to stimulate hormones and induce contractions.


The massage is soft and relaxing. However, there is no guarantee that the body will respond, but experience shows that many women have the first contractions an hour after the treatment, which later turn into dilation contractions. Sometimes a repeat of the treatment is necessary.


Yvonne Brekelmans, praktijk ErZijn Eindhoven

My name is Yvonne Brekelmans. Massage and sharing knowledge is my passion. After my HBO training as a Massage Therapist, I followed various further training courses including Pregnancy Massage, Pregnancy Reflexology and 5-element nutrition during pregnancy.

For many years I have given massage courses in pregnancy massage and foot reflexology.

I look forward to meeting you in my practice!

Yvonne Brekelmans
ErZijn Massage & Therapy

Landleven 204
5658 HZ Eindhoven
phone: 06 - 13 02 11 58

Rate: 60 minutes: €80.00

If you have additional healthcare insurance, (partial) reimbursement is possible.

Gift voucher
Looking for a surprising present for your pregnant girlfriend, partner or colleague? Buy a pregnancy massage voucher! 

Honestly, I didn't expect my baby to turn after a foot massage, but it happened! And it was also a wonderfully relaxing treatment. Thank you, Yvonne.



During the overdue treatment I already got hard bellies. In the evening the contractions started to continue and the next day our daughter was born. A tough delivery because it went pretty fast, but luckily I was able to keep to myself.


At my first pregnancy I was constantly nauseous. All day. Fortunately, I ended up with Yvonne quite quickly, and the nausea subsided with the reflex treatments. I could do something again: live, work, enjoy my pregnancy.


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