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Oncology massage

Massage bij kanker

Everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer knows the tremendous impact. Overnight your world changes completely. Hospital visits, operations, chemo and radiation are suddenly part of your daily life. There's a lot to process during this period. You may feel out of balance, be disappointed in your body, or try really hard to be brave or strong. 


Even after years you can still suffer from the consequences, such as tension before checkups, reduced condition or lymphedema.

Relaxation and recovery

Ontspanning en herstel

An oncological massage can provide relaxation during this difficult period and support recovery.


Research shows that massage provides a better night's sleep and can reduce feelings such as fear, pain and stress. Through the attention and touch, you can experience your body as a whole again.

Not only physical attention is needed. You will also have to find a way to heal mentally, emotionally and energetically. Massage helps you to accept your changed body and life.

Completely tailored to you

Massage bij kanker

The treatment is completely tailored to your needs. On the first appointment, we will discuss what is or is not possible, what are your needs and your wishes. It is important that you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. 


The massage is always calm and soft, in contact and with attention. 

Much attention is paid to the position in which you can lie or sit. For example, sometimes lying on your stomach is not comfortable, or you prefer to sit up more straight, have an extra pillow or warm blanket. Of course we take into account sensitive zones, for example due to surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, (chance of) lymph oedema, location of the tumor, possible metastases.

In addition, I also work with body-oriented exercises such as mindfulness,breathing exercises, focusing bodywork. We can also choose a Bach flowers remedy to support you emotionally. 

Your massages really contributed to my recovery during and after chemo.



How wonderful to feel some peace in my head.


I had forgotten that you can be touched so lovingly.


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