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Massage for complaints

Massage bij klachten

Do you suffer from fatigue, stress or chronic pain?
Then it is wonderful to regularly have your muscles massaged and relax for an hour. For this you are at the right place at ErZijn.

But did you know that these can also be signals from your body indicating that something is wrong. Massage therapy can help you find the underlying cause of your complaint.

Listen to your body

Luisteren naar je lichaam

Massage therapy helps you to really feel your body and learn to listen to what it wants to tell you. Together we investigate whether there are patterns that cause your complaints. It helps to better understand your body's language and gain more insight into what moves or stops you.


Massage therapy helps you listen to your body again and to gain insight into where you are stuck.

Request for help

Massage bij klachten

There can be several reasons for massage therapy :

  • In case of stress, fatigue, fear or gloom

  • For physical complaints or chronic pain

  • If you need support during a difficult period in your life

  • In addition to treatment with a doctor, psychologist or physiotherapist.

The treatment is completely tailored to you. Whether you come for a single massage or a course of multiple treatments. I combine several massage techniques with awareness exercises aimed at breathing and relaxation. Massages that I apply include foot reflexologyconnective tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainageclassicmassage, energetic massage.

You have given me a lot of support, I feel much calmer, closer to myself and have an overview again, thank you. 



I have never been touched with such attention. Through your hands I can feel myself again, what a special experience.


Previously I often had to call in sick due to severe headaches. But because of your regular massages, that rarely happens.


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