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Practice ErZijn

Praktijkruimte Erzijn

Yvonne started ErZijn Massage & Therapy over 15 years ago. ErZijn offers personal guidance using massage and therapy. In addition, you can also go for individual baby massage courses. 

The practice is called ErZijn: ErZijn means being there,  here you are at the right place, and you may feel completely at ease, embracing everything you are.

Whether you come for a relaxing massage or for multiple sessions and discover more about yourself: you are very welcome!

Sometimes you have to be quiet to hear yourself.

As a massage therapist, I do not only focus on the tension and relaxation of muscles, but also on mental (re)tension. I look in a holistic way, so I think body and mind are one, which mutually influence each other. Consider, for example, giving a foot reflexology massage to treat headaches. Or massage in combination with paying attention to breathing and worrying thoughts, to remedy back problems. 


Do you want to discover the wisdom of your body?

Feeling what is happening in your body is leading, for example whether your muscles are tense or relaxed, what happens in your body with a certain emotion or thought, and how you deal with it. I am convinced that answers to all your questions lie within yourself, it just takes time, effort and (sometimes) courage to discover . I would like to help you with that!

Yvonne Brekelmans

Yvonne Brekelmans, Praktijk ErZijn Eindhoven

Massage therapy is a passion that I still enjoy following to this day.

In 2005 I completed the training for HBO Massage Therapist at Holos Academy for Massage Therapy. Since then I have enjoyed working in my own practice ErZijn.  


Personal experiences and interests have guided me in my path to more knowledge. Many have already found their way to my practice. Giving baby massage courses to parents led me to become interested in teaching, which is how I started working as a trainer of various massage courses. 
The loss of a number of loved ones has put me on the path of massage with cancer and massage for grief and loss. Very grateful and beautiful work.  With great warmth and pleasure I have also been working as a volunteer at the Inloophuis Midden-Brabant for years.


My clients describe me as an empathetic person, caring, calm, down to earth, competent and with golden hands.


  • 2005 HBO Massage Therapist Holos

  • 1986 HEAO Commercial, Fontys Courses

Deepening and passion:

Every year I follow various courses in the medical and professional field, including:

  • Masterclass whiplash & concussion

  • Massage therapy for grief and loss

  • Massage with cancer

  • Specializations in foot reflexology including AD(H)D, cancer

  • Pregnancy massage and pregnancy reflexology

  • Specific massage for headaches, back pain, high sensitivity (HSP)

  • Solution-focused talk therapy

  • Focusing Bodywork



As a freelance trainer I have taught various massage courses such as pregnancy massage, cancer massage, reflexology, becoming a baby massage teacher.

Over Yvonne
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