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Pregnancy massage


A pregnancy or maternity massage is wonderfully relaxing for you and your baby. In addition, it gives relief to pregnancy complaints such as headaches, back pain or pregnancy swelling. Especially now a little person is growing inside of you, it is very important to take good care of yourself. The extra care you give yourself, as a mom-to-be, has a direct effect on your baby. 

Sleeping better and less complaints

Pregnancy massage is not only relaxing and pleasant, but has even more benefits for you as an expectant mother:

  • Research shows that massage has a positive effect on your (night)rest and on back problems

  • less chance of complications during your pregnancy and childbirth

  • reduces complaints such as headache, pelvic pain, pregnancy swelling, restless legs or cramps

  • reduces stress and calms hormonal fluctuations



The treatment is fully tailored to your needs. Most important is feeling comfortable and completely relaxed. Enjoyment is paramount, for you and your baby. Firstly, we discuss the duration of your pregnancy, any complaints and wishes.


During the massage you lie on your back or on your side. You can have your back and pelvis massaged, legs, feet, abdomen, arms, shoulders, neck and head, or a combination. Your wish is leading in this.


Pregnancy Reflexology


In addition to the body massage, I also offer reflexology for pregnant women. By massaging specific zones on the feet, you sooth common conditions during your pregnancy. This specialization in foot reflexology is, for example, supportive for:

  • morning sickness

  • insomnia

  • having a cold 

  • pregnacy swelling

  • turning from a breech position

  • promote labour

Yvonne adapts de massage perfectly to your needs, which can be different every time.Sometimes more attention for my lower back, other times against leg cramps and swollen ankles.



I visited Yvonne a number of times during my pregnancy and every time I came home very relaxed. In addition, she gives many tips about pregnancy.


My baby was in a breech position, and after the reflexology treatment she turned! Totally great.


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